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First beta-release of Rangers project

This week we released the first beta version of the work with ALM Rangers. This is a Branching Tool that makes it easier to adopt the branching guidance. For more information, see Willys blog


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Participation in exciting new Rangers project

I have started to take active part in the ALM Rangers that is a community that tries to help people use the Visual Studio products in a better way. The Rangers provide guidance like the popular Visual Studio TFS Branching Guidance, but also code samples and simple tools. The 197 Rangers also contribute to the community with their personal small projects.

Recently I was pinged by the Rangers because they wondered where I had gone. I had gone “dark” since I started my new job, but now I have started to work with the Rangers again. Started a new project at September 1st that is supposed to run for a couple of months. This is my first project as a contributor so it is really exciting. The team is located all over the world: Moscow, New York, Florida, Vancouver, Borlänge and Östersund. It is a challenge to get things working, but using Lync to communicate and have weekly meetings makes it possible. We also use the new TFS Service that Microsoft is providing which is a must-have for this kind of distributed team.

As soon as I can I will reveal what we are doing, but for now it is secret – that is just to not build up any expectations that cannot be held. It is also interesting to reflect over the challenges with working this distributed.

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