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Configuring Gated Check-In

You have probably heard of a new feature in Visual Studio/TFS 2010 called Gated Check-In. The problem this is supposed to solve is the problem of broken builds – when a check-in makes the next build fail. In order to start using this feature you configure it in a certain way.

First you create a Build definition pointing out the solution you want to build in your “Gate”. You configure it to trigger at Gated Check-in as below.

Next important step is to chose when this build should trigger. This is configured under the Workspace tab in the Build definition. By pointing out a workspace location, whenever trying to check-in a file to that workspace a new build is triggered. In our current application we have three different solutions and each has its own build associated to it.

The functionality you get will make it impossible to check-in anything whenever this build is unsuccessful. Remember that a partially successful build, for example when some unit tests fail, will be considered an unsuccessful build.

I have also posted about the user experience Gated Check-in, se this post


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